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Fibers Avaliable at Woolly Manor
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Ashland Bay Fibers and Blends

Alpaca and Alpaca blends, Colonial Top, Merino Tencel Top
Multi Merino Top, Solid Merino Top, Wensleydale Top

Woolly Manor's Blends

Beautiful Custom Rovings

Woolly Manor's Spirit Batts

Beautiful carded batts in a blend of fibers and colors, all original.
Blends of wool, silk, glitz, nylon and more, ready to spin...

Woolly Manor's Washed Fleese

Wonderful clean fleece ready for you to dye, card or spin from the locks.

Silks and Exotic Fibers

Silks, Hand Painted, Caccoons, Nylon, Cotton

Dyed Locks

Great for Doll, Pixie, Troll hair or adding color to your spinning or felting project.

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