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Kombo 40
Kombo 40
The Kombo looms provide you with up-to-date weaving technology that makes weaving a true joy and the choice of a table loom much simpler. The smooth overhead beater system is exceptional and easy to operate. The Kombo folds flat to a convenient 6" for ease of storage or moving your Kombo around to workshops or a friend's. All you need to decide today is the weaving width you would like: 40cm (16 inch) or 70 cm (28 inch), from there you can continue to build with a four shaft extension kit to go from the original four harness to an eight harness loom. Add a floor stand, and this table top loom becomes a standing loom. All Lout looms come supplied with "Texsolv" string heddles and tie-up cords allowing for quiet operation and easy tie-ups.
Kombo 70
Kombo 70
The larger version of the Kombo loom not only expands from 4 shafts to 8 shafts, but you can also add a stand which converts this popular table loom into a standing loom.

(NOTE: Treadles have been discontinued)

Also provided with the loom are:
lease sticks
2 flat shuttles

The loom is made of lacquered beech and comes as a kit. Shipping weight for the Kombo 40 is 26 lbs and for the Kombo 70 is 38 lbs.

Other options available:
Floor Stand
Matching Bench
Second Warp Beam
Prices are subject to change without notice
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